Grumpy at 29 plus two.

Posted by Tim on Jul 30, 2012 in A sliver of me, Retrospective

In case you don’t remember, I had written an article a little while back about how I had become a bit of a grump due to the world around me being as it was. grumpy at 29. Here it is a couple of years reaching the good ol’ age of 31, so what has changed you ask? Well not a whole lot really I suppose, I have gotten a little grumpier and a little wiser and the year is not over. A few things have happened, some good some bad, for the better eh… I don’t think so but then again of course i’m a bit bias. (You will have to forgive me if i have already covered some of this as i have a case of CRS (can’t remember $h!t when it comes to some things) How did i get to this point you ask? well lets take a trip back to the early to mid 90’s my teen years.

At this point AOl was something new and those disks you would get in the mail were still kind of a novel thing. The internet had just introduced us to this thing called a chat room, the world wide web opened up the doors to many different things and experiences. From the now defunkd the globe chat rooms to yahoo chat rooms and messenger and lets not forget icq messenger. The world wide web allowed people to step outside their comfort rooms and create persona’s slightly different from their own in real life, allowing them to live out their inner selfs. Along with the good comes the bad, and i have had my share of bad experiences curtious of the world wide web. While i have not sat here and kept count i’m sure it is not a far stretch to say i have met my share of people from the east coast to the west coast and across the globe, while interacting with these people you get the occasional internet bot which you can generally tell from the lack of proper grammer or replies that are out of context or when you say “hi” followed by a large scripted looking reply or website link.

I hate to sound synical but usually if i am getting a response without initiating conversation or from a rather pretty woman that there is a good chance the conversation is coming from a computer. Now back to the main point, i’m not going to lie when i say that the reason i would go on these endeavors is in hopes to find someone, perhaps meet them “in person” or in the real world and develope some sort of relationship. And like ususal i wear my heart on my sleeve and on occasion i would grab the cart and put it before the horse. I’m 5’4” about 118 lbs and for the most part still had my wonderful blond hair. You also learn that being what you are and thanks to the wonderful internet the person on the other line can be done with you with just the click of a mouse button and never have to talk to you again. With that sort of instant emotional detatchment you begin to become a little bit colder and a little bit grumpier. Now you ask “why am I in such a hurry?” Well maybe i am, not intentionally anyway.


Now I’m quite sure my impatince has cost me some possible relationships over the years including a more recent one, but we will get to that later. Now in case you didn’t know, my sighn is leo which is a fire sighn and ususally means i’m an extravert and one of the more masculine sighns of astrology. However with my personality that is in a few ways not the case. If anything you could relate it to be more of the traits of the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz. While I can be extrovertive at times i tend to keep to myself in unfamiliar situations. What does this have to do with the internet, well this is in part why I am so enamoured with the internet and trying to meet people online. Why go out and be cast into an okward situation when you can just stay at home in a familiar setting and interact in a less personal conversation with someone who may be next door or 40 miles a way. Now on the flip side of that coin it has also contributed to why I have such a rough exterior and have not been on yahoo messenger in quite some time and gave up on icq messenger years ago.


Now at this point your probably thinking that i simply just can’t take rejection. Well I’d hate to say it but he and i have been good drinking buddies for quite some time now. He’s become more of an annoying friend and you just don’t know how to let them down easy. At first I would get offended and take things personally when someone would give some reason or another as to why “it wouldn’t work out” or “your not my type” or just stop talking to me all together. As time went on though my skin grew a little thicker and i got a little grumpier and would just shout out screw the world and move on.


Fast forward to 2011 and where are things now? Well as one can expect, at this point my good friend rejection had pretty much gotten to me and i was ready to throw in the towel and give up on finding someone. Then when things seemed bleak i stumbled across someone using a dating app on my phone. Having already seen my profile picture that part was quickly moved out of the way and to my surprise she didn’t seem to care about what i looked like. We began to talk and got to learning things about each other. Soon I had shared stuff with her that I wouln’t even have told my shrink, at this point if she had run away then it wasn’t meant to be. Hesatint to meet right away, as things didn’t usually want to go well after meeting someone we waited a few months before getting a coffee. A couple of weeks later I made the commute to her house with coffee in hand.


Long story short here it is about almost 9 months later and well it seems I’m back to square one, why you ask? Well thats easy, because I’m a dumbass. Out of frusturation and who knows else what (temporary insanity is what i’m using.) I said a few things and that was the end of everything. In no time i was back to my self destructing and drinking to try and ease things. All within about a months time i had been through a few 6 packs, a pint of jack daniels and about 32 people looking at my profile and moving on and about 4 rejecting me outright. I figured well at this point there is nothing else to do but either wallow in self pitty and give up or keep moving foward and accept a few more rejections and hope that lightning strikes twice.

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WTF Netflix

Posted by Brian on Jul 4, 2012 in Rants

Seriously WTF. I when to go watch Naruto on netflix the other day remembering that it was on cartoon network and it’s in japanese. I pretty sure it was in English when I watched it Saturday nights.

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Grumpy at 29

Posted by Tim on Feb 2, 2011 in A sliver of me

I’m sure as you have come to know me or read my posts that I am a rather stubborn, grouchy and all around moody person and am not even 30. Well, if you have been following me on twitter you will notice that these last couple of months have defiantly not helped my mood. I am far from living a “rough” life or having to worry about what I am going to do next, and for that I am grateful.

For as long as I can recall I have been fighting with many personal demons but try very hard to keep a smile on my face to hide my struggle. Time rolls on and small battles have been won and lost, some are ongoing.

I tried to start this project last April with the pie in the sky hopes of being able to find something I want to do and makes me happy. Even more lofty was the idea that I could go about this on my own and things would roll along just fine. Well it didn’t take me long to see that I would need some help.

Emails went out, people wrote back tweets came in with people interested. However as things moved on people got busy or lost interest or had a blog of their own. Am I saying that it is imperative that I have someone else on board for this whole thing?

Maybe, I am a person who gets overwhelmed easily and works much Better with others. (most of the time). Perhaps this is another hurdle that I must get over on my own, but it sure would be nice to have a helping hand.

Aside from my ambitions it never fails that at some point something in the “news” gets me wound up rather well. Be it some idiot parent or kid, someone shooting someone else or someone suing for some idiotic reason or another. It saddens me to see that our society is heading in a direction where we rely on the government to tell us what to do or not do.

It saddens me that we have to resort to violent measures to make a point or “solve our problems”. It was said best in the 80’s “we are living in a material world.”. Today that shows to be more true than ever and growing. I will be the first to admit that I am just as guilty as the next guy.

I believe that we need to take a step back collectively and see what is going on instead of just blindly moving forward. This could go on forever but I think it is better I leave things where they are. A huge thanks goes out to my real, Facebook and twitter friends who have been there supporting me in one way or another.


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Next Door Neighbors

Posted by Tim on Sep 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

After recently going to court with people across the street for their inconsideration the people next door to us have decided they will take things up a notch and launch their own attack on us with their horn’s and motorcycle’s We just want to be left alone, my father is dying from cancer and not always feeling great as one can expect.  I as you can probably gather suffer from mood swings and bouts of depression.  Why can’t you just respect our one wish? why do you have to be such an ass hole about this?  Karma will prevail! If there is one thing i believe in it is Karma, it will work out in the end I so do hope!


Breaking News!

Posted by Tim on Sep 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

This just in: The world is not made of sugar and spice and everything nice.  Awe man! and here i was hoping we could all sit down and sing a song or two around the camp fire!  Like my previous post I stated that while I may come off as a complete grump there is a side of truth that comes with it.  I know that superman I am not, and i don’t feel like the worlds issues rest on my shoulders.  However, I can’t help but feel affected some how by the “news” that is brought upon the world every day.  Be it Our wonderful Political correctness or lawsuits over frivolous things i can’t help but be somehow affected.

I read an article recently about what to do when a cop pulls you over and in the comments section some people replied with comments saying cops are corrupt and lazy, and the same thing can apply to firefighters.

Well I’m not saying they are wrong as there are bad cops out there.  However i find it closed minded to think that everyone is bad natured.   People complain about how police don’t do their jobs but when they are in a bind the same people ask why the cops took so long.  As for firefighters, they do not spend their entire day sitting on their asses.   When not saving your bacon from getting crisped in your inferno of a house they do train and study to keep up on things.

Now even I don’t dare step on the illegal immigration landmine, so I won’t but i do have my views on that too.

Then there is this whole work place/school shooting i do not comprehend.  You always hear afterward that they did it because they were picked on or bullied or not being treated fairly.  I am not advocating the actions of people who choose to take things out on others to feel better because they are insecure.   I am simply trying to understand it.  I feel that at some point there is a slight separation from reality and people feel that in order to make things right they must take such an extreme action.

This may be hard to believe folks but i was picked on in school.  A shocker i know!  Not once did i want to shoot someone.   Now we are only human and we will all go through some period where we will experience some sort of emotional distress in your life, in case you can’t some people would say I’m “not all there”  well duh!  Tell me what you think is normal and I will call you crazy!    Again what i fail to understand is how someone feels that by taking such action is a logical solution to their problems?



Posted by Tim on Sep 26, 2010 in Rants

arg!, its illegal to use your horn for anything other than emergencies but a judge recently ruled that if it is used sparingly its ok and there is nothing wrong. So despite the fact that it is not allowed, a judge basically thumbed the law which he is sworn to uphold by saying i know its illegal but please do it in moderation.

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